Spoon Dock™ Stainless Steel with Black Band Spoon Dock
This Cup Hangs on Saucepans and Pots for Preparing and Serving Food Without Creating a Mess - Use as a Measuring Cup, Mix, Pouring
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  • KEEP YOUR UTENSILS CLOSER – This spoon rest can easily be attached to your cookware and will keep your cooking tools always within your reach.
  • NO MORE LAYING DIRTY KITCHEN SPOONS – Your countertop can now remain spotless. Simply pick your casserole and put it on the dining table. 
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL KITCHEN GADGET – This multipurpose cup can also be used for making measurements, mixing spices and sauces, and tasting the meal you are preparing. 
  • MADE TO LAST – This stainless steel spoon dock is sturdy enough to hold large cooking utensils and to withstand high temperatures and rough use. 

Belwares makes you feel like a top-tier chef.
The ultimate kitchenware for all your culinary projects is provided by Belwares — Giving you edge for making the best dinner meal for guest and family!

The Spoon Holder for the Home Chef
The Spoon Dock by Belwares is patent-pending kitchenware designed to keep your most important tools closer to you. It is a compact cup with multifunctional characteristics which hooks securely to the edge of most cookware such as pots, pans, saucepans, stockpots, and even on BBQ grillers to keep stirring spoons, spatula, brushes, or serving spoons accessible for you. While it may keep your serving or cooking utensil well-put, this spoon dock collaborates on maintaining your countertop or table mess-free.

Wide Variety of Uses
The Belwares utensil holder functions for a different task in the kitchen. Besides using it for keeping your cooking or serving spoon accessible, you can also use it for:
1. Measuring cup
2. Mix ingredients
3. Sauce server
4. Countertop dispenser
It’s both stylish and practical to use, and it adds accent to your cookware when you keep it hooked. The spoon dock makes a great gift, but once you try it for your cooking projects, it’ll be hard to give away.

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  • The ideal utensil holder for keeping your stirring spoons closer - Belwares knows how important is for the chef to maintain excellent work flow in the kitchen. From stirring vegetables, mixing sauces and spices, to tasting and balancing the flavor of your cooking, The Belwares Spoon Dock is tailor-made for the home chef in mind to maintain the essential tools closer to your cookware — making your everyday easier
  • A cup of utensils right there on your pots and pans - Belwares equips you with the cooking tools that you need the most. Constructed of Stainless Steel with premium craftsmanship, our utensil holder attaches to saucepans, stockpots, rondeaus, and other cookware while keeping your stirring spoon, spatula, or serving spoon accessible. It is adjustable to keep at your optimal position angle
  • Cooking, preparing and serving has never been easier! - With its innovative and multifunctional characteristics, Belwares Spoon Dock is designed to make you feel like a professional chef at home. This comes very handily as you work on your culinary projects while it eliminates mess on the countertop. When it’s time to serve, put the casserole dish on the table, keep the lid on, use the serving spoon from the holder, and serve a good hot meal